Basic Business Mastery: 7 Simple Elements to Supercharge Your BusinessFed up of complicated instructions to do basic things? This program is for you

3 options to learn the basics to run your business:
- Video
- Video + Coaching
- 6 Months of Coaching
Athole Forbes

Services I  Provide

For My Clients 



DIY approach for the budget conscious, who like learning at their own pace.


Buy the videos and learn Business Basic Mastery yourself at your own pace.

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Video + Coaching


Hand holding with a real human to step you through the program, with accountability, to get those tasks done.

Video + Coaching

Support from me to complete each task.

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6 Months Coaching


The Full Monty permanently transform your business. Ideal for making your business dreams come true.

6 Months Coaching

6 months of direct support to move you and your business forward.

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A little bit about me

Thank you in advance for checking me out, nice to meet you!

Making Sure You And Your Business Align

What I care about is people and setting them up for success.

As a business owner, I have made mistakes, wasted time, and made wrong decisions, but I believe all that happened to save others from my pain.

There is a common business owner’s journey.  You are maybe here on my website because you recognise it.  I am here to support you on that journey.  There is no right or wrong way only the right way for you.

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Hear out what my clients say about me.

Results  I Have

Helped Create 

Athole is really good at asking the right questions to get you unstuck or become clearer on what you want and how to articulate it. She is so friendly and knowledgeable and cuts through the jargon. Her step by step approach really helps to focus on what you want to achieve. She guided me through the process and stopped it being overwhelming.
Trish Guy
Pink Spaghetti
Athole is really friendly, easy to get along with and is really honest which is why I turned to her for help in nailing my offering. I knew what my services should be but couldn't quite work out how to package them together or how to price them. I knew I could trust Athole to help me work this out. She's straight talking and makes everything easy to understand and she knows her stuff.
Julie Reedshaw
Purple Violet
What I love about Athole is her passion and commitment to setting people up to succeed.. She is always client-centred, delivers exceptional value every time and will always exceed your expectations. She gives you the tools to make it work but, more importantly, the freedom to be authentically you, which is magnetic. Her energy and sense of humour is infectious.
Angela Mercer
Wisdon to Wealth Ltd
Athole is a superb communicator, coach and trainer, adept at cutting through the fluff and delivering practical knowledge and skills that can be applied easily. I had expected business planning, quite frankly, to be very dull and boring, but her approach to it is unique, focusing on the needs of the people leading the business, and making it a tool to deliver on personal goals, rather than being enslaved by the business.
Ian Denny
Social Proof
Athole has been instrumental in helping the station gain listeners through the Hour of Hope show presented every week. No topic has been too difficult for Athole to share her incredible knowledge and experience for the benefit of our listeners. In short, I would highly recommend Athole for any role that involves working with the development of others as her willingness to collaborate; her positive attitude and unwavering commitment would make her an invaluable and indispensable member of any team.
Hywel Griffiths
Owner - Fylde Coast Radio
What Happens?

Simple Steps To YOURBusiness Success

So if you want to come an work with me what would that look like?

All I ask is commitment and effort.  As no change happens without it.

No commitment or effort means: waste of your time (and mine), waste of your money and biggest thing of all no results!

I want you to succeed that only happens if the work is done, I will match your effort.

Decide - Level Of Support
1. Video only - at your own pace
2. Video & Coaching - 8 Weeks
3. 1:2:1 Coaching - 6 Months
Book - Level of Support
1. Buy Videos
2. Book Video & Coaching
3. 1:2:1 Coaching
Prepare for Coaching Session
1. Complete any tasks/templates assigned
Attend Session
1. I will ensure you are accountable
2. Go through the work with me
3. Ensure time allowed post session to implement actions

Get Instant Access To The Free

Business Basics Course

Have a taster of what it is like to work with me! This course gives you all the bits you need to run your business. We delve deeper into them on the paid for program.
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