I was 5 metres underwater, in an upside down sunken training helicopter, trying to get out of my seatbelt and past a 7 foot portly gentleman to safety.

Welcome to the world of oil rigs!

Being stuck in the middle of the Atlantic just to the West of Shetland with a bunch of blokes teaches you alot about life, and also the business of coaching people to do better.

As a 5 foot something girly, trying to tell engineery type people how to do their job better, you have to have a whole lot of extra ammunition and tools at your disposal to get heard and respected.

I did that. I ended up being “Parachuted” in to problem teams (well, it was actually a helicopter) because I built a reputation for getting to the core of the problem and turning teams around.

What started out as being treated sheepishly as the only girl on the rig, they soon forgot my gender, to the point I had say “Ahem, I’m here you know?” when they engaged in certain topics of conversation.

I applied all of those skills to figuring out business. And found an awful lot of nonsense and unrealistic stuff is written and taught.

When you break it down, it’s far simpler than anyone can imagine.

And just like on those oil rigs, once you know what to look for, you see the same challenges time and again with business owners.

I cover the issues most will skip over as unimportant – even though they are fundamental to your success.

And spoiler alert – I’ll tell you one of them straight away – it’s your identity as a business owner, and the acting role you often play as completely the wrong character.

It’s like Kevin Hart being cast as The Terminator instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Get that right, and you have a firmer foundation for all the other stuff we tackle together.

I currently live on a farm in a sleepy part of Scotland – so isolated the nearest village is 3 miles away.

We run several businesses from the same home – a farm, a wind-turbine electricity generation business, grass and landscaping and of course business coaching.

So at times, I may be nursing a lamb. Or chasing in the kids from playing football outside for their dinner. Or getting shot in the face with a nerf gun whilst cooking tea.

So if you think my background and life is unusual, you are right – but it’s absolutely perfect to help you unearth the real roadblocks to your success and take some action to transform your business journey.

I have found there is no right or wrong way, only right for you.  As a dyslexic person I often had to find other ways round doing things, so helping you navigate I am good at.

And you don’t have to dive straight in and call me. You won’t get a big sales pitch even if you do.

No, just take the free session which will make a difference even if we never do business.

Try it out?

It’s here: Business Basics

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