Basic Business Mastery: Module 6 – Dealing with Feedback With 1 hour Coaching £250

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Basic Business Mastery: Module 6 – Dealing with Feedback With 1 hour Coaching £250

Some of us can find feedback uncomfortable. In this course, I explain why that happens and how you can get around it. In our coaching session we will discuss your experience of feedback and look at tools and strategies on how to improve.


Module 6 – Dealing with Feedback

In this module, we’re tackling the sometimes tricky world of feedback. Whether you’re feeling a little apprehensive or downright terrified, fear not! I’m here to guide you through with a supportive hand and plenty of practical advice.

In the coaching session with this we will look at feedback, how you’ve handled it before, what it felt like and give you tools and strategies to deal with it going forward.

  1. Why People Are Afraid of Feedback: Let’s get real about why feedback can send shivers down our spines. Together, we’ll unpack the fears and insecurities that often lurk behind receiving feedback, so you can understand—and overcome—those butterflies in your stomach.
  2. My Experience with Feedback: Yup, I’ve been there, done that, and got the T-shirt! I’ll share some personal stories and insights from my journey with feedback, so you know you’re not alone in this.
  3. Feedback Mindset: It’s time to shift gears and adopt a feedback-friendly mindset. I’ll show you how to reframe feedback as a valuable opportunity for growth and learning, rather than something to dread.
  4. Asking for Feedback: Want to know the secret sauce for receiving helpful feedback? It’s all in how you ask for it! Discover the art of seeking feedback in a way that encourages honest, constructive responses.
  5. Giving Feedback: Now, it’s your turn to dish it out! Learn how to deliver feedback with empathy and respect, so you can help others grow without crushing their spirits.
  6. Opportunity and Value: Feedback isn’t just about pointing out flaws—it’s about uncovering opportunities for improvement and recognizing the value in each experience. I’ll show you how to embrace feedback as a catalyst for positive change.

Ready to transform your relationship with feedback from fear to fabulous? Let’s dive in together! Remember, I’m here to support you every step of the way. So, take a deep breath, put on your feedback-proof armour, and let’s tackle this challenge head-on. Your growth and success are what I care about most.

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